Unlock the Power of Trademarks in Kenya: Registration and Protection

January 16, 2024

Welcome to Olinga Advocate, your trusted partner in navigating the intricate world of trademarks in Kenya. Let’s delve into the essentials of trademark registration, the legal framework, and the critical steps involved.

Understanding Trademarks: A Distinctive Identity

In accordance with the Trademarks Act, CAP 506 of the Laws of Kenya, a trademark is defined as a mark, phrase, or logo used to indicate a connection between goods or services and the rightful owner. Essentially, it serves as a unique identifier, distinguishing the source of goods or services in the marketplace.

Kenyan Trademark Law: Safeguarding Your Brand

The governing law for trademarks in Kenya is the Trademarks Act, CAP 506. Under this legislation, the registration of trademarks provides exclusive rights to owners, empowering them to take legal action against unauthorized use. This exclusivity not only protects against infringement but also establishes a distinctive brand identity, setting your business apart from competitors.

Trademark Registration: A Two-Stage Process

Trademark Search: Before initiating the registration process, it is crucial to perform a comprehensive trademark search through the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI). Only upon receiving confirmation that the mark has no registered proprietor can you proceed with the application.

Trademark Forms: Once the search results are favorable, the next step involves completing the necessary statutory forms, accessible on the KIPI website. Key forms include TM1 (Authorization of an agent), TM2 (Application for Registration of a Mark), TM27 (Application for search under Rule 114/Application for preliminary advice as to distinctiveness), among others. For a seamless process, consider engaging the expertise of an agent, particularly a qualified Advocate, to prepare and lodge your trademark application.

Trademark Infringement: Protecting Your Brand Integrity

Trademark infringement occurs when an unauthorized party uses a mark identical to or closely resembling a registered trademark. The Trademarks Act empowers owners to seek remedies for such violations.

Remedies for Infringement: Securing Your Rights

In case of infringement, trademark owners have the option to file for an injunction under a certificate of urgency to swiftly mitigate damage to their brand. Alternatively, seeking damages for harm already caused to the brand is a viable course of action.

Take Action Today: Register and Protect Your Trademark

Empower your brand, secure your market presence, and deter potential infringers by registering your trademark in Kenya. Consult with Olinga Advocate, and let us guide you through the intricate process of trademark registration, ensuring your brand enjoys the legal protection it deserves.

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