Medicine & Health Legal Services

Medicine & Health Legal Services

Whether it’s the management of bad health, striving for good health or monitoring daily health – the health sector is a fast-growing industry capturing new customers and markets with every scientific development. Health practitioners are governed by industry bodies, medicines are scrutinized before going to market and technology is democratizing our health, by putting the power to remain healthy into customers’ hands, or more likely, into their pockets.

But behind the scenes, the medicines and health industry is a highly regulated and carefully managed world. In-depth laws are in place to ensure the practitioners are licensed and practice ethically, the products are safe and advertised truthfully and the medicines sold are safe and legal. As regulations specialists, at Olinga Advocates we’re proud to be advising both startups and established businesses on the regulatory hurdles and requirements of operating a medical or health-related business.

Medicine & Health Legal Services

What can we offer you?


Guidance to health professionals Oversight Authority in any health profession recognized under the Health Health Act 2017 (as amended):

  • Regulatory advice regarding specific medical-legal related queries.
  • Assistance with engaging regulators of industry bodies.
  • Guidance on registrations.


Advice regarding products or substances regulated by health professionals Oversight Authority in terms of the, including:

  • Medicines (including complementary medicines like health supplements).
  • Complementary medicines.
  • Scheduled substances.
  • Medical devices or IVD medical devices.

which includes assistance with:

  • Licensing suppliers across the supply chain.
  • Guidance on product labeling and other compliance requirements.


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