Early Stage Startups Legal Services

Early Stage Startups Legal Services

Starting your own business can be exciting, nerve-wracking and difficult. You understand how your product or service works and why it’s a game changer. Yet there are so many elements that feel out of your control:  Are you supposed to register a company and pay tax? How do you protect your interests and ensure everything is done by the book? What should you do to ensure good and sustainable relationships with your partners?

Why do you need Olinga Advocates?

No one is suing you, and you’re doing nothing criminal. So why do you need an advocate? Every day, you’re entering contracts, creating protectable property, and taking on duties and obligations under the law. Whether you realise it or not, you’re a player on the legal landscape.

As a legal service for entrepreneurs, Olinga Advocates is fluent in the language of the law. We understand the nuances of your industry and your needs. We offer affordable, accessible and understandable legal services for startups to ensure that you’re operating in a legal, efficient, risk-averse manner, and to assist you in the day-to-day running of your business.

No matter your entrepreneurial needs, with our understanding of cutting-edge technologies and grasp of the most recent local and international law, Olinga Advocates can partner with you, offering practical legal advice and guidance on the best way forward. We offer user-friendly legal products and packages designed specifically for start-up companies and small businesses. We charge fixed fees without hidden costs which are appropriate to your business size – rather than the ever-growing amounts traditionally charged by law firms.

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our products are tailored to assist at any stage of your business journey, no matter your size or sector. We aim to partner with you from the get-go, providing information and implementation guidance so that you can avoid difficulties, liability, and costs later on.
What can our startup legal services offer you?


  • We’ll chat to you about your company and its interests, answering any specific questions at any point in the development of your business, including corporate structuring advice.
  • We’ll also bring to your attention any pitfalls or red flags you should be aware of and advise you of any legalities you should keep on your horizon.


  • Profit and non-profit company registration
  • Tax clearance
  • Change of company details
  • Operating license applications


  • We’ll work with you to draft plain language, and bespoke agreements for once-off deals or ongoing relationships or applications.
  • Internal agreements, including shareholder agreements and NDAs.
  • External agreements, including lease agreements, service agreements and terms of engagement.


  • Legal research
  • Mediation and discussion facilitation
  • Intellectual property registration and guidance
  • Compliance and regulation guidance
  • Corporate structuring
  • Business consulting
  • Review of third party or existing agreements


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